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Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate the excellence put forth by black male physicians and rising students in the medical field, as a means to increase the recruitment of black males in medicine. We also aim to provide a secure platform for minority males to openly discuss the difficult topics we face as minorities in medicine.

BMIM Community: Let's Start The Conversation

We're always browsing the web to discuss the latest news and controversial issues and how they affect our community. Here you’ll find stimulating discussions and a safe place for questions and commentary as means to connect the black men in the medical community across the country. 
The Black Men In Medicine forum was created to provide a secure space where forum participants can easily share tips and knowledge about the field. Check out the latest posts to see what's hot on the wards or sign in today and start a discussion yourself. Click the join now link below!

Tune Into our inaugural Black Men In Medicine Post Panel, come rejoice with fourth year medical students, as they share their residency locations. In addition, rising medical students can catch gems to help you for your interview trail. Don't forget to submit your questions and RSVP!
Apr 12, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM EDT
Online via Zoom
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Dire Need For BMIM

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, in 1978, there were 1,410 Black male applicants to medical school, and in 2014, there were just 1,337. In 1978, only 542 Black men across the nation graduated from medical school. In 2014 it was even less—515. That means each Black male doctor that the field of medicine loses is unlikely to be replaced.

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BMIM By Chapter

We aim to see a BMIM Organizations at every medical school across the nation. Be sure to join our network and let us know which institution you attend. Keep us updated on all the accomplishments by the faculty and students at your organization. Don't see your school listed be the first join and get your chapter in the mix. Stronger Together!

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Ohio State Chapter

Learn more about what the brothers at The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Medicine are putting together. OSU  brothers at The OSU Chapter host annual events to advance the careers of both premedical and medical students. In addition they host speciality events and social gatherings to connect with the BMIM at OSU.

Black Men In Medicine Podcast

Hosted By Corey Gatewood

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Black Men In Medicine Blog

Authored by Mark Mcintyre


Becoming An MD:

Resiliency is the Prerequisite For Success 

Black Men In Medicine Newsletter

Authored by Evans Osuji (left) and Kenneth Clark (right)

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BMIM In The News


Doctors of Tomorrow

Diversifying Medicine Through Free Medical Advisement

Diverse Medicine Recruitment Center

Heads Up

Diverse Medicine Inc.

Future Physician Friday

Minority Association of Pre Medical Students

Pre-Medical Student Workshops


* Affiliated premedical students will get one on one help with mock college and medical school interviews, in addition to application and personal statement coaching

*  Premedical students have a chance to earn a scholarship to help with the medical school application process, click below to find out more information.

Support The BMIM Initiative

1. Through strength in numbers BMIM has aspirations to fund a scholarship for a young black male minority interested in pursuing medicine. The funds for this scholarship would go toward tools to help him apply to medical school: MCAT registration, MCAT prep course and resources, application fees and travel expenses for up to three medical schools, as a means to increase recruitment in the field of medicine.


2. Connect mentors and mentees through in person and virtual mentorship at all levels of the medical path


3. Facilitate empowering discussions amongst physicians and students at every level along the medical journey

4. Highlight the excellent work of the black males in this community, we are more than just athletes

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