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Black Men In Medicine Podcast

Tune In With Us

Episode 1: Pilot Episode Meet The Host

The Black Men In Medicine Podcast is here to bring you that white coat drip! The gem dropping, collar popping, world rocking backstories of some brilliant minds in medicine. This podcast provides a platform where listeners can hear first-hand stories of triumph and challenge on the road to becoming a doctor. Listen in for specific advice for those on the MD path or to catch valuable life lessons for those simply on a pursuit of excellence. Tune in with Corey Gatewood, your host, as we bring you nothing but the gems.

Episode 2: Dr. Malcolm DeBaun, Orthopedic Surgeon: Discusses The Fire Behind His Pursuit of Excellence
Dr. Malcolm Debaun reflects on his journey from the inner city of St. Louis, MO to  Stanford University in the Silicon Valley and beyond. He provides insight on some of the difficulties he faces as a black man in America and how that has affected his mission as a physician
Episode 3: Dr. Albert Coombs III: What It Takes To Run Your Own Private Practice
Albert Coombs DMD, private practice owner of Smile Services DC, breaks down what it takes to become a business owner and the grit to become a successful Doctor of Dental Medicine. He provides a glimpse of some of the struggles along his journey, and the fulfillment he experiences on a daily basis by following his dream. This episode is drenched with white coat drip and filled with gems for all listeners on a pursuit of excellence.
Episode 4: Chase Richard MD, MBA: Bet On Yourself
Dr. Chase Richard, Emergency Medicine physician, discusses the importance of self confidence and the mentality you must possess to acquire goals you set for yourself. He explains the story of how we went from being a Stanford Dean Award recipient to an Emergence Medicine physician. In addition he provides insight on why he choose to obtain an MBA to compliment his medical degree. Bring your umbrella because this episode features a flood of that white coat drip!

Second Opinion Podcast

Hosted By Habeeb Suara

A podcast dedicated to encouraging medical students from underrepresented backgrounds to share their personal stories and experiences, as well as add their voices to important discussions around life, medicine, justice and society

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